Colorful Liquid Eyeliner by H&M

UPDATE: The eyeliner goes on sheerly and patchy, so multiple layers are needed. I recommend letting each layer dry before applying the next layer. Wear time is good and typical of a liquid liner. I also recommend trying this as a mascara topper rather than using the mascara version of this product. The mascara just doesn’t have enough product on the bristles to do a fully pigmented coat, and it will be easier to use the liquid liner to paint or dot onto lashes for a flash of shimmer.


I’ve told you about the pastel fairy goodness of the Colorful Lashes Mascara by H&M. Now meet the liquid eyeliner counterpart.

The product is named simply Liquid Eyeliner by H&M ($3.95). The color is the same as the tube color and is also noted on the white sticker label on each tube. I bought all three colors available: Blue, Purple, and Green. (The mascara is available in purple and green; there was no blue version.)

Swatches in indirect daylight are below, and show the eyeliner drawn thinly in 1 layer and drawn thickly in three layers (letting each layer dry first).

The eyeliner is pastel, metallic, and shiny. Blue is an icy baby blue, Purple is an icy lavender, and Green is mint. I’ve swatched the Purple and Green next to their mascara counterparts, and they look like exact dupes of each other. (I wonder whether the mascara could be used as an eyeliner with the right brush and vice versa.)

The eyeliner applicator is a narrow floppy brush. I wish it were firmer so that you could apply it more precisely and thickly, but it works moderately well. The bristles don’t splay or separate. It takes several layers to build up to full opacity.

I’m testing the Purple right now, so I don’t have a full review yet. But enjoy the swatches!





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2 Responses to Colorful Liquid Eyeliner by H&M

  1. These look amazing and I love the packaging. Great post

    • isleepnow says:

      I’m glad you like the post. I was surprised that no one else has talked about these because they’re so cool looking. When I was trying to decide whether to buy these, I (of course) Googled for reviews and swatches. All I came up with were two Dutch blogs.

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