Colorful Lashes Mascara by H&M

UPDATE: I recommend skipping the mascara due to just how little product is on the bristles. See my post in the corresponding liquid eyeliner. To obtain shimmery lashes, it would be easier to use the eyeliner to paint the color and shimmer where you want it. I found that the bristle design and dryness of the formula made it very hard to coat my short, lower lashes and deposited too little color onto my upper lashes.


Imagine my surprise when I went to H&M–the first time in a looong while–and discovered a cosmetics section full of unusual eye makeup.

I bought 2 tubes of the Colorful Lashes Mascara ($3.95) and 3 tubes of the colored Liquid Eyeliner ($3.95). Today, I’m posting swatches of the mascara.

There are no color names as far as I can tell. The boxes reflect the color of the mascara, so YES, the mascara is mint green and lavender! How could I resist?

The mint green is a shimmery light minty aqua. The lavender is a shimmery, icy pale lavender. I’ve only tried the green on my eyelashes so far. I applied several layers–required in order to get the color to really show up, although the sheerness means you can add just a hint of fairyness–on top of already curled and mascara-ed lashes. So I don’t know how it performs on its own, but I’ll update this post after I try it on its own and after I try the purple one.

In the meantime, drool over the gorgeousness of the packaging and swatches. It certainly adds a fun, ephemeral, fairy-like quality to your lashes. Definitely NOT natural looking. It lightens my lashes (to mint green of course) and it catches the light really well, giving the appearance of snow crystals or raindrops on the lashes.

The swatches are shown in indoor lighting and in indirect daylight.





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